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This Halloween ecard begins with a view on a street at night where houses are decorated with carved and lit pumpkins at their front door at at their window and the moon shines brightly in the background. On the sidewalk, we see a vampire, Frankenstein and a mummy walking behind one another. We get a close of Frankenstein and the vampire as Frankenstein taps the vampire’s shoulder. The vampire turns his head toward Frankenstein who moans “pull my finger”. We go back to a full view of the scene showing the houses and the mummy again. The vampire is now facing Frankenstein and he pulls his finger. As he pulls Frankenstein’s finger, Frankenstein farts loudly and so loudly that the fart blows all the mummy’s body bandage that flies away and hangs on a tree and shows the mummy as naked skeleton wearing his white trunks with brown polka dots. The vampire and Frankenstein laugh out loud, vampire putting his hand in front of his mouth and the very upset naked mummy skeleton says “seriously?!” Vampire and Frankenstein keep laughing as the final banner appears at the bottom of the screen saying “have a hilarious Halloween”.