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Happy New Year eCards

Free Happy New Year Cards

Free Happy New Year Cards

Don’t you just hate it when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve and you can’t get through on the telephone to wish your loved ones verbal New Years greetings because everybody else in the world who is up past their bedtimes are trying to do the same thing! You end up squandering valuable celebrating time just waiting to get a clear line! You should send New Years eCards instead.

When it comes to cementing new friendships and rekindling budding romances that developed over the Christmas holidays, the timing is beautiful for sending New Years greetings online. Start someone’s year with a smile! What better way to kick-start your resolution to stay in better touch with people than by pinging off a free Happy New Year e Card.

Sending eCards at New Years is also a new and different way of sending “thank you’s” for all the presents you received on Christmas Day and Hannukah. They are cheaper than buying paper Thank You notes and they don’t need postage. Our Happy New Year’s e-cards are just as easy to personalize as a handwritten note.

Once the holiday season is well and truly over and everyone is back at their desks at work, Happy New Year’s e-cards can be just the thing to brighten up their Inboxes and break the monotony of an endless sea of correspondence that accumulated over the Christmas holidays. Face it, January is nobody’s favorite month. Take your friends’ and family’s minds off of hangovers, credit card bills and cold, miserable weather by whizzing off some friendly, colorful, funny Happy New Year’s greetings.

If you sent eCards at Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, then you will recognize some of the faces that grace this year’s Doozy Card collection of free New Years eCards. Raj, the sitar-playing elephant, will sing a very beautiful New Years greeting that he wrote himself. The amphibious Grandfather of Soul, James Green, sings his own New Years greetings, as does the lovely Dionne Warwick.

Of course, politicians make the best of every opportunity to get their message across and New Years greetings are no exception. We have offerings from the President and First Lady in the Oval Office, Dubya, Sarah Palin and the former Governator of California, Arnold! We have talking eCards New Years, funny ones, free New Years eCards featuring animals and plain old New Years fun! We have free New Years eCards for Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents and BFFs. We have talking eCards New Years and singing New Years eCards.

Although New Years has been celebrated all over the world since decades before Christ, it hasn’t always been on January first. In England, for example, prior to its adoption of the Gregorian calendar as late as the 18th century, the first day of the new year was recognized as March 25, corresponding with the Feast of the Annunciation, also known as “Lady Day.” When Pope Gregory designed the Liturgical calendar, the new year was set to begin eight days after Christ’s date of birth, December 25.

Once you have signed up for free New Years eCards, you will want to keep on sending them to everyone you know. Be creative and send New Years greetings for Chinese New Year (between January 20 and February 20), Singhalese New Year (mid April) or even Ethiopian New Year (September 12).

Send any free Happy New Year e Card and sign up for a 10-day free trial. Get your New Year’s resolution off on the right foot. Turn your routine messages into a fun-filled event by sending them as New Years eCards.

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