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Old Tyme Halloween

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The ecard is a sequence of vintage halloween postcards beginning with a postcard on a dark night background with trees and stars in the sky, a witch dressed in black with a black pointy hat with horns and she holds her broom bristles up as she sits in a very large carved pumpkin that is being carried by 2 greens demons with pointy chins and pointy antennas, red eyes and they are carrying the pumpkin with 2 wood beams going through the pumpkin. We can see the witch’s black shoes sticking out of the pumpkin’s mouth. At the bottom of the postcard we see the words halloween’s greeting. We move on to the next frame where there will be a sequence of 4 postcards appearing one after another. We begin with 3 children sitting in a red canoe on water and in the middle of the canoe there is a tall ghost with a pumpkin head standing. There are two carved and lit pumpkins hanging at the front of the canoe and the first child sitting at the front of the canoe and in front of the ghost, is holding a carved and lit pumpkin and in the background we see a house with light in the windows, a large tree with no leaves, the moon in shining and an owl is flying by the moon. The second postcard has a pretty witch dressed in a long green dress with black faces appliqués at the bottom of the dress, a white slip, a black cape at the back of the dress and a pointy grey hat with red stars and sun. The witch is flying on her broom holding reins and an owl sitting at the back of the broom. There is a very large moon in the dark blue sky, a shooting star among all the golden stars. At the bottom of the postcard we read All halloween when the world is wrapped in slumber, and the moon is sailing high, if you can peep between the curtains you’ll see witches riding by. The third postcard shows us another witch in a long dark blue dress with golden circles all over her dress. She wears a green cape and a black pointy bonnet and is riding a large pumpkin with a broom through it. As she holds the reins of the pumpkin broom, we see a half moon with a face and at the top of the card it says a joyful halloween and at the bottom may the witch which here is seen bring you a bird of a Halloween. The fourth postcard shows us a witch dressed in orange standing in the basket of a hot air balloon bending over with her broom in hand trying to shoo 4 characters holding on to a rope attached to the hot air balloon. The characters are a man pumpkin, a corn with arms and long legs, a green zucchini holding the rope with one arm and a carrot holding way at the bottom of the rope. Behind the witch there is a tall ghost standing behind her with his hands on his hips looking down at the characters. The moon and a few stars shining between the clouds. The woods The magic halloween are at the bottom of the postcard. The next postcard has a lady wearing a long red dress with yellow spots, a white apron and white bonnet with blue dots and she is shocked and drops her small sitting stool, milk bucket and falling backwards as she sees her cow in her wood fenced den with a carved pumpkin on each horn with the words what the boys did to the cow written on a wood fence plank. Next we see a very large carved pumpkin with big eyes and nose, its mouth with teeth wide open and smoke coming out from the top as 2 demons, one green and one red, are stoking the fire inside the pumpkin’s mouth and pumping air to make the fire bigger. At the back a man is carrying wood and the word hallowe’en in red appear in the smoke above the pumpkin. Next a black cat is sitting on the branch of a tree with its right leg up and he looks like he is talking to the owl that is in the tree in a hole. The full moon is in the back and the words a happy hallowe’en beware! take care! for ghosts are seen on Hallowe’en. Next another witch dressed in red with a black cake, a pointy back hat with laced red ribbon, black shoes with red bows and a black cat sitting at the back of the broom. She is flying to a village in the horizon and the half moon is shining between the night clouds and the word hallowe’en is at the top left of the card. The following words appear here’s witching you…. and on to the final postcard with a trio of carved pumpkins with bodies put together with several colorful squash as they sit on a large green squash. Next to them a little girl in a light blue dress with red ribbons at the shoulder and waist is playing a long party horn and is ringing a bell as black cat by a pumpkin looks at us. The sky is dark filled with stars and a curly half moon and the words a merry halloween are at the top left of the card.
Old Tyme Halloween