Favorite eCards of the Doozycards Staff!


Chandler - Doozy President


Carribean Hippos in Paradise

"This card was inspired by my kids' and our music composer's kids' excitment over the movie 'Madagascar' so I love its colorful fun and bright happiness."


Bob - Doozy CEO


Singing French Anniversary   (To Couple)

 "I love the French song and the dog-artist makes me laugh."


Bennett - Creative Director

Cupcake Suprize Birthday

"A classic for its beauty and humor. The first ¾ of the card display charming and elegant animation and music which leads to the surprise. The surprise cracks me up every time."


Mukti - Music Director and Photo Card Creation


Country Singing Steak   (Fathers' Day)

"It's the catchy tune. Whenever I play this card, I keep singing the tune for hours afterward."


Jonas - Marketing Director


Mariachi Birthday

"I like the dogs!"


 Christopher - Customer Support


Raj's Birthday Song

"I love sitars."


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