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The musical video with 3-D animation opens on a black silhouette of a haunted house. Bats fly out from behind the house while orange jack-o-lanterns swirl in the air in front of our eyes, in a spiral. the scene fades to two dancers, a pumpkin gal with a [pumpkin head and cute glowing eyes and smile, and her partner a skeleton boy in a top hat. To a pulsing dance beat with a funky bass guitar, they dancing cutely after the style in Michael Jackson's Thriller video. All the while, some bats appear over their heads and then face away. Next a goofy zombie appears to their left and fades away. Then a mummy appears to their right. They dancers and mummy fade away to a scene in silhouette of an own on a gravestone by a craggy dead tree. Bats fly up from behind the tree while the music calms down to a haunting melody. We hear the owl hoot and ravens caw while the words "Happy Halloween" appear above the owl in ghostly white letters. Slowly the music and the scene face to black.
Dancing Halloween eCard