Farting Unicorn

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The Setting is a magical land with a candy forest, lollipop trees, candy flowers. Very bright and ultra-happy. In the middle of the landscape is a giant birthday cake with unlit candles. The frosting on its front side kind of makes a face, a sad face. The main character is a Unicorn: it has a white or pink body, rainbow mane and tail, with very long magical hair, a golden horn that shines and sparkles….With classical music playing, we see the Candy and lollipop forest and landscape in black, white and gray only. There are lots of presents and cakes. The whole scene is dull and gray. A magic Unicorn prances into the scene and, unlike the gray forest, he is totally colored and vibrant. Unicorn stops suddenly, shocked, and looks around and sees that everything is gray. It sees the sad cake. On the far side of the screen there is a small young tree with the new Starbucks’s “Unicorn Frappuccino” cups all over the tree branches. This is the only colorful tree and has the colorful swirly sauce in it. Each has a green straw sticking out of the rounded bubble top. The magic Unicorn prances over to the Unicorn Frappuccino cup while the sad cake’s sad eyes follow the unicorn glumly.The Unicorn sips from one cup. Then it farts. The fart makes colorful sparkles which waft all over the forest and cake and presents, everything. Everything in the forest and scene comes to life with full bright colors when the fart-sparkles waft over them. As the scene is transformed, fade in the Samba dancing music. The sad cake looks startled at the fart, then surprised at the wafting fart-sparkles, then delighted as the sparkles settle upon it and bring it to life in full color and with a big smile! The whole scene sparkles & glistens. The Rainbow Unicorn is prancing in and dancing around the now happy cake. Final banner rainbow appears saying: “ Wishing you a magically sparkling birthday! ”
Farting Unicorn