Raj's Birthday Song

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Raj is an elephant with short tusks dressed in a white long sleeved top and matching bottom from India along with a long yellow vest. He holds and plays a sitar and is sitting cross legged on a large purple cushion with tassels and the screen background is lime green. At his left side, there is a mouse lying down on a large piece of cheese and pulls pieces from it, throws them up in the air and eats pieces every now and then. As he sings and plays, we see him enjoy his playing and get a closeup on his hand playing the sitar. As he sings higher and higher, his singing makes mouse sit up with wide eyes as it is too loud. The final screen appears in all green, and the final banner is in black letters. It is in English but the letters look like an Indian font with the final banner saying May the truly happiest of happiest of happy birthdays be bestowed upon you.
Raj's Birthday Song