Snow Fairy Oops!

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This darling and funny animate Holiday Season’s ecard is set in the country with a deep red house and white picket fence and the grounds are full of snow. There are trees around the property and they also have snow on their branches. A little and chunky snow fairy dressed in a pale blue short dress with white fur trim at the neck and hem, a matching pointy hat with white fur trim, leggings with one leg blue and the other pale blue. She has fairy wings and is holding a wood wand in her left hand. She looks at us then flies over to one of the windows and with a swish of her wand, ice appears on the windows then she flies up to the edge of the roof and once again with a swish of her wand dozens of icicles appear and decorate the eaves. She then goes to the snow on the ground to add sparkles but a snow blower comes by and passes over her! She is blown out of the blower and next we see her head in the snow and her legs up in the air! The final banner appears with the words Season’s greetings written in light blue at the top of the screen.
Snow Fairy Oops!