Love, Joy & Peace

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This ecard is a sequence of photos, beginning with a photo of a white fence during the holiday season, decorated with a beautiful pine wreath dressed with poinsettia flowers big and small and a large off white bow and ribbon with a golden thread edge. The side fence has a pine garland with red and white now and ribbon around it. In the background, in the morning sun, we see houses in the background covered with snow, and snowflakes are falling as the sun is coming through the clouds, creating a scintillating image. At the bottom of the screen in green letters appear the words Tis the season of gladness. Moving to the next photo in a wintery trees & snow background of 7 tall white lit candles standing on an ivy decorated candle holder and the words the season to celebrate light appear at the bottom of the screen. Fading out and in to the next photo of Christmas ginger cookies in the shapes of a bell, Christmas tree, snowman, heart, ivy leaf and reindeer with white icing decorating them. Appearing at the bottom of the screen are the words to rejoice in sweetness. Onto the next photo of a sweet chickadee is sitting on a snowy branch and wearing a brown and white wool hat with a white pompom while the light of the sun gently appears in the colorfully icy background. The words the season when all creation sings appear at the bottom of the screen. Onward to the next image with 4 yellow pillar candles, the two in the front are halfway burnt and the 2 at the back are newly lit, are surrounded by pinecones, branches of small dried orange berries, walnuts and an off-white ribbon dresses it all. “Love, Joy and Peace” appears in white letters at the bottom of the screen. The final image fades it with the words happy holidays in large golden letters at the center of the screen appear surround with golden stars on a softly golden lit background.
Love, Joy & Peace