Santa's Christmas Cows

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This hilarious Christmas ecard begins with a view of Santa’s workshop in the North Pole, nestled in snowy mountains. There is a sign saying Welcome to the north pole at the right side and behind, sweet houses with snow covered roofs are surrounded by snow covered pine trees. Next, we are inside the reindeer dormitory where all of Santa’s reindeers are lying in bed with each a thermometer in their mouth as they are all sick! Santa in his red long johns, pink thermal underwear top and his beautiful big beard is watching with dismay with one of his elves at his side. The elf is holding his break treat, an ice cream cone. We get a close up of Santa, then to the elf licking his ice cream cone which gives Santa an idea! Red lights appear around his head as its a great idea. Next we see a large sign with the words Christmas eve in red letters flashing and with lights all around it. The sign moves up and disappears and Santa’s coat and hat are hanging on clothes hooks. Santa takes his coat and hat and puts them on. He starts to sing as he walks out from his house and onto his workshop where an elf is loading up his sleigh with gifts. He sits in the sleigh, shakes the reins and the sleigh pulls out of the workshop. As Santa is flying his sleigh in the sky, we discover that the sick reindeers have been replaced by Santa’s cows! Each cow is wearing either a daisy on its ear or a poinsettia. Under Santa sleigh the words merry Christmas and a happy moo year appear thus ending this Christmas ecard.
Santa's Christmas Cows