Singing Christmas Sweets

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This musical ecard begins with a view from a forest onto a country village covered with snow as snowflakes fall from above. As the music begins, a tall house at the middle of the village begins so move side to side to the beat. We get closer to the house and at the top there is a sign saying baked goods. We then go through the door window and there are 2 cupcakes, one a Snowman cupcake and the other a Christmas tree cupcake and both are singing and moving side to side to the beat. Both the snowman and Christmas tree are pastries standing on their cupcake, both with decorations and mouths that move! In the background we see ginger man cookies and candy canes as back dancers and they are moving to the beat. When the singers sing its Christmas, a dozen more ginger man cookies join them on the stage and dance away! They then leave and our snowman and Christmas tree cupcakes go on singing. At ho! ho! ho! A Santa Claus cupcake comes down from above and joins our 2 singers on stage. Santa also dances to the beat atop his cupcake. The final banner appears in red letter saying May your Christmas be Sweet and Merry.
Singing Christmas Sweets