Magical Birthday Cake

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This animated ecard is set in a beautiful forrest with trees, flowers, mushrooms and there is a blue bird perched on a branch. The bird looks back and then flies off and behind him are other blue birds holding either a cherry or flower in their beak. On the ground you can see a white mouse pushing a strawberry, another mouse following with a cherry on its head and a blue bird holding 2 cherries in its beak and it perches on a rock. Four more mice go by carrying berries, an apple, cherries, flowers, 3 mice sitting on each other’s shoulders are carrying a strawberry as the blue bird looks on. There are all going in the same direction. The next screen shows us a two tiered cake with a mouse busy decorating it with flowers, berries and leaves. The 3 mice sitting on top of each other’s shoulders bring their strawberry on the cake and the blue bird puts a candle in the strawberry. We then get a closeup of the scene with all the blue birds perched on tree branches, mice, trees, flowers surrounding the cake as a white mouse sleeps at the bottom right corner. The final banner appears with the words happy birthday at the top of the screen.
Magical Birthday Cake