Les Kitties D'Amour Valentine Song

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This animated ecard begins inside a concert hall, with the red stage curtain about to open at the front as we see the shadows of people in the audience. The curtains open revealing 3 lady cats with long dressed, one has red rimmed glasses, one a sweet red bow at her ear and the main singer has a pink rose at her ear on a stage with a background with hearts. As the music begins, the 3 lady cat ladies sing and move their hips side to side and at times we get a closeup of their sweet faces. As the main singer speaks her solo, little blue birds fly across the screen carrying heart candies appear with kisses on them or words such as be mine, love you. As the song ends we get a closeup of our main singer and the curtains close and the woods happy Valentine’s day! appear on the curtains as the audience applauses.
Les Kitties D'Amour Valentine Song