Hen House Friendship E-card

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The camera pans into a red chicken coop standing inside a fenced farm with grass, the sun, and a windmill in the background. A happy birthday gospel song plays. We enter the coop to find waking up and one hen gives another hen a cup of tea and the hen drinks it and they hug each other. As they hug we see a small yellow chick wearing black tuxedo jacket and shirt singing the song. We hear the chick sing as we see hens in the coop taking care of one another and one hen wear their Sunday hat. The chick sing and dance down a ramp to exit the coop and enter the outdoor fenced farm area where we see two hens knitting tiny jackets. We then see two eggs that hatch, a little boy and a little girl chick. The ecard ends with several hens dancing and holding the lettered signs to spell out “thanks for being a great friend” as the main chick singer sings with the little baby chicks.
Hen House Friendship E-card