Broadway Puppy Birthday

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The camera pans into a suburban backyard with bushes, flowers, a covered porch, and a small brown dog house. An animated brown beagle wearing a top hat, bowtie, and tuxedo coat dances with a cane and sings a Broadway-inspired birthday song. Two small rabbits dance in the background. A blue bird dances on top of the dog house. The puppy sings and dances his way onto the porch and into the house. He is in the kitchen dancing with an orange cat. In the background, colorful flowers and presents on the countertop bop to the music. We zoom in on the counter where a cake with dancing candles sits next to the presents. Then we zoom out and the puppy and cat continue to dance to the birthday song. The video ends with a yellow screen decorated with colorful dancing presents and candles. Pink words appear that read "Happy Birthday! You're the Best!"
Broadway Puppy Birthday