Birthday Peony Bouquet

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The card begins with seeing a large white pot sitting on a brown table and in the background there is a large Colonial grid window with 2 white curtain panels framing the table and white pot. Through the window we see trees and a cloudy sky and suddenly a blue bird flies by with a pink envelope in its beak. He flies in from the left side of the card and lands on the table on the right side of the pot. He puts the envelope down and it leans on the pot. The blue birds sings a few notes and the envelope opens up and a fine paintbrush comes out of the envelope. The paintbrush begins to paint a beautiful blue flower pattern on the pot the the paintbrush leaves letting a small brown envelope filled with seeds come out of the envelope. The envelope flies over the white pot, tilts over and drops several seeds inside the pot as the blue bird looks at us. A trowel comes out of the envelope and it scoops potting soil from inside the envelope and drops it in the white pot and the trowel leaves the screen to the left side. Next, a large water pitcher comes out of the envelope, moves over the white pot and waters the seeded soil. As the pitcher leaves the screen to the right, beautiful peonies grow out of the pot and the blue bird flies over to the envelope, pulls out a pink card and the paintbrush comes back and writes the words “Happy Birthday!” on the card and the bluebird puts the card in front of the peony plant. He then flies up to the peonies and gazes at them and lands back on the table.
Birthday Peony Bouquet