Old Tyme Fathers' Day

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This old tyme father’s day ecard is a sequence of vintage postcard and prose beginning with a postcard from the 1930’s with flowers and the words “to my dear father” written on it. Next, we have 2 vintage postcards sharing the screen the first one of a man wearing suit and bowler hat driving and 1920’s Ford and the words on the postcard say “dad, on father’s day sure hope your day rolls right along without a single care and that the year ahead is filled”. The other postcard shows a man seen from the back sitting on his chaise reading the newspaper and the words at the top say “on father’s day”. To the next photo, once again two vintage postcards share the screen the first one from the 1950’s with a dad wearing hat and suit and has a newspaper in his pocket along with a little doll. He is holding his little girl who wears plaits and a cute little dress. The words say “father’s day from your daughter. When I was just a little girl I was convinced I had the finest, very best, and very smartest dad. The next vintage postcard shows a man sitting on a bench in a lovely park at Spring feeding birds with his little girl. The words say “to wish you a happy father’s day”. The next postcard shows several beautifully drawn items such as pipes, tools, razor with cup and brush for lather, fishing gear and the words say “to dad with appreciation on father’s day”. To the final vintage postcard drawing of a man’s slippers circa 1930’s and the words say “hope you’ll have a happy father’s day, Pa”.
Old Tyme Fathers' Day