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Forest Animals Thanksgiving Postcard

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This is a postcard ecard where we have 2 postcards showing one after the other, the first postcard showing a Thanksgiving scene in a forest cleaning with tall trees, some with apples, and 4 animals are part of this scene: one fox with a green wool hat with his ears sticking through it sitting on a very large pumpkin holding an apple. Another fox wearing a blue and red sweater standing in front of a basket of apples and throwing fall leaves over him. Next to this fox is a white bunny rabbit standing on a large pumpkin and in his arms he holds a large bunch of carrots. In the back and also standing on a very large pumpkin is a beautiful turkey holding daisies and wearing a pilgrim hat and a small neckerchief. In the sky are two clouds with smiling faces and birds are flying around the Happy Thanksgiving sign in the middle of the scene. Onto the next postcard of forest animals who are standing on a large orange circle with houses around it representing the earth and at the top are forest animals standing on it. A large bear is sitting on a stool holding a large pumpkin and wearing a pink and white wool hat with ear flaps. On this back is an owl playing a small trumpet. To the bear’s right is a porcupine holding a Thanksgiving bread. To the left of the bear is a fox with a pink striped wool scarf and holding a bowl of apples. At the fox’s left is a small porcupine handing him a green apple. In front of our bear is a white bunny rabbit holding a bunch of carrots and at the right of the bunny rabbit is our pilgrim turkey once again. The sky is filled with Autumn leaves flying about, 3 smiling clouds and a few birds, one is holding a pink cookie and at written on the orange earth are the words Happy Thanksgiving day.
Forest Animals Thanksgiving Postcard