Anniversary Birds to a Couple

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Between the gently swaying leafy branches of a weeping willow fly 2 beautiful cardinals, one red and the other one dark pink red, fly between the dancing branches. The cardinals land on a white trellis with cone shaped bushes on each side, a high fountain with a Cupid holding a bow and arrow, a bird house on its right side, 2 rounded top bushes and a bush fence in the background. We get a close up towards the 2 cardinals, one cardinal flies up and the other one follows and as the fly out, a red rosebud appears and opens up in a beautiful red rose with green leaves. The two cardinal fly in front of the rose, the back up and around the trellis to finally land on branches on the trellis and they face one another and begin singing to each other. As they sing, 5 beautiful 5 roses blossom; one cardinal flies out, the other one turns in the direction he took and flies up to follow him. One after the other they fly to the right then left of the screen as we get a close up of the top of the bare trellis. Again the two cardinals land on branches facing one another, they sing very close to one another and then, they kiss as they each lift one of their wings and hug one another while roses blossom with green leaves around them forming the shape of a heart around both cardinals. We pan out getting to see the whole scene and another larger heart shaped flower garland surrounds both the cardinals and the first rose heart and the whole trellis is filled with beautiful roses with green leaves. All the bushes and trees around the trellis have pink and white flowers that have blossomed all over them and at the bottom the words “Happy Anniversary to a Wonderful couple” appears while sweet weeping willow branches sway at the top of the whole romantic scene.
Anniversary Birds to a Couple