We Choose Our Friends

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The We choose our friends animated and funny ecard begins with seeing food on a table and as we pan through the turkey, sandwiches, cheese plates etc, we see a plump woman with half of a submarine sandwich in each hand and she eats it with gusto. The next person eating a chicken leg is a young man with glasses not looking so happy. Next is a very thin lady with long hair eating a sandwich and to an older lady with curly white hair and glasses trying to find food with her fork. Then, a hand take a wine glass and it is a man who stands up at the table as everyone eats away and he toasts to his family and we pan over the table with everyone with food on their face. When he finishes the toast, the old lady goes to the next table where male dancers are sitting with their tops off showing very muscular abs and smiling making the old lady very happy as they toast with their wine glasses. The final banner appears saying “here’s to choosing your friends”.