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Opening screen we see a large “academy awards” sign with a large Oscar on the left side. Next scene inside a hall, closed red curtains with Academy Awards written on top of the curtains and spotlights on the curtains moving left and right. The curtains open up on the stage with 3 steps, a podium sitting on it is an award with #1 as its statue and the ceremony host is a white chicken with a brown head and feathers and a little blue ribbon pin to his chest. At both ends of the stage is a very tall Oscar statue and at the top of the stage is a large sign saying Academy Award. As the host begins to speak, we get a close up of him at the podium and the #1 statuette. He holds the envelope with a star sticker on it. As he says you, he throws the envelope up in the air excitedly. As the music begins again and he says “you really deserves this award” a very long cane appears from the right side of the screen, hooks him around the neck and he gets pulled off-stage. The red curtains close and to the final screen where there is an Oscar statuette at the left side of the screen and the words “just thinking of how great you are” appear in golden letters on a large billboard.
Academy Award for Best Friend ecard